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Here is the capital of Sikkim and an urban hub. It is here that you board off and begin to sense the rhapsody of confronting an age old civilization. It is here that you begin to acquaint another scent of the Himalayas . It is here that you begin to gather hints of what you would soon yearn to explore. The air around this Himalayan town is still hugely breathable -you can shop, bank, loaf and also spend nights hip-shaking and happily drunk. Everything goes, yet you can still feel that sobriety of an ancient culture and that, perhaps, would be the next best thing you befriend. Historically, Gangtok became the capital only in 1894 when the then Chogyal (A ruler of the erstwhile Chogyal dynasty of Sikkim )Thutob Namgyal shifted the capital from Tumlong.


Directorate of Handicraft & Handloom

Mingle with the local artisans here. Instituted by the government to preserve & promote traditional crafts you could also shop for prized Tibetan carpets, 'choktse', traditional paper, thankas etc.


Enchey monastery

Said to have been built on the site consecrated by the flying Lama, Druptok Karpo in 1910 it houses invaluable images of gods, goddesses, thankas and other religious artifacts.


Do Drul Chorten

Considered one of the largest stupa in Sikkim it is surrounded by 108 prayer wheels. Was built by the Ven. Trulshi Rinpoche in 1945. Today a much acclaimed centre for Buddhist learning it treasures a vast collection of rare Lepcha, Tibetan and Sanskrit manuscripts along with an admirable volume of over 200 Buddhist icons, Thankas and other religious objects.

Tashi view point

Straddled upon the North Sikkim highway about 8 km from Gangtok it offers breathtaking views of Mt Khangchendzonga.



Ganesh Tok

About 7 km from the city it offers majestic views of the city far below and the looming Mt Khangchendzonga and Mt Siniolchu.


Hanuman Tok

11 Km away from the city a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman consecrates the spot and also offers thrilling views of the mountains around.

Himalayan Zoological Park

Located 8 km away from town it is home to the elusive red panda, the cuddly state animal, barking deer, Himalayan black bear and others.

Gangtok Ropeway

Offers you slow aerial views of the city and a time to sit back and watch. It also takes you to the highest point in the city.


Tsomgo Lake
This tranquil lake is a much visited site about 34 Km from Gangtok at 12,400ft. It freezes completely during the winter and is much revered by the locals. In spring a variety of flowers bloom upon its banks and is also an ideal habitat of the red panda.


Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial
This temple lies amidst the Nathu-La and the Jelep-La passes and is built in the memory of Harbhajan Singh, a sepoy in the 23rd Punjab regiment. It has now become a site for pilgrimage and devotees leave a bottle of water which they later collect to take back home.

Pal Zurmang Gharwang Kagyud monastery
Located at Lingdum village about 20 Km from Gangtok it was built by the present Gharwang Rimpoche who is the 12th incarnate of Zurmang Gharwang.

The Aritar lake (Lam pokhari) near Rhenock, about a 3-hour drive from Gangtok is a serene getaway. You can explore typical Sikkimese village life here and get recharged in its tranquil locales. You could also savour the experience of spending a night in an old British bungalow built in 1895 here.



(Tsomgo lake) Nathula
Straddled 56 Km away from the city at 14,450 ft upon the Indo-China border it has one of the highest motorable road and is lush in exotic alpine vegetation. Open only for the Indian nationals.


Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary
25 km away from Gangtok this pristine forest of oak, chestnut, bamboo, ferns etc offers one a tranquil getaway from the humdrum of life. In it also thrives a large number of rhododendron species, wild orchids along with a large number of birds and animals.

Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre
Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre
of the Kagyupa order is almost a replica of the original Kagyupa headquarter in Tibet . This largest Dharma Chakra Centre in the world houses some of the most unique religious scriptures and rare artifacts.





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